Our projects

Project contents

The project contains:

  • 14 showrooms of different sizes ranging from 200 m to 800 m, including the mezzanine, targeting restaurants, cafes and the retail sector
  • 1 distinctive showroom with heat-insulated facades and panoramic roofs, with outdoor seating.
  • 2 Drive Thru . Showrooms
  • 1 multi-use exhibition with a large area.
  • 10 exhibitions dedicated to restaurants, cafes and brands.
  • fountains.
  • External sessions.
  • Green areas.
  • 100 parking spaces


A stroll to the iconic S squares project is always a good idea to grab your favorite coffee or taste sweets at one of our world-class cafes

Fancy restaurant

A unique dining experience

Treat yourself and your palate on a trip around the world at one of the best places to enjoy international and regional cuisine, from traditional family favorites to unique upscale flavours.


Our project has been conceived to complement the lifestyles of everyone in Khobar and beyond. Cooled by serene water fountains, this family-friendly space was designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind.

The Shopping

Unique shopping experience

S Squares project enables visitors to find all their entertainment requirements in this diversified mall. It contains many international stores and restaurants, in addition to a women’s center, which provides the opportunity for women to shop and take care of themselves at the same time.

Valet parking service

Valet parking is available, with the aim of providing more convenience for visitors, and direct access to the destination without any suffering. This feature will be a hospitable welcome, as it relieves the trouble and ease of access, for visitors to shop, dine or even meet with friends and family for enjoyment and entertainment.